Turkey Salad Recipe

Smooth and creamy with a mustard tang and crunchy vegetables, our turkey salad recipe is a great summer salad but can be paired with a warm bowl of soup for a cool weather salad as well.

Roll it into a lettuce wrap or serve it as a turkey salad sandwich. This quick salad recipe is delicious no matter how you serve it. Use the menu planner and ingredient exchanges below for some simple and quick meal ideas for lunch, dinner or even brunch.

To serve more people just double the salad ingredients.

2 servings


6 Ingredients Needed:

cooked turkey – 2 cups cubed
(smoked, grilled, baked or barbecued may be used)

water chestnuts – 1 cup (cut each slice in half)

red onion – 1/2 cup diced

mayonnaise – 1/2 cup
Reduce the Fat: Use low-fat or fat-free mayonnaise

honey mustard – 1 tbsp

fresh parmesan cheese – 1 tbsp grated

Reduce the Fat: Use low-fat or fat-free parmesan cheese

Make Ahead for this Salad:
- If cooking your turkey, prepare as desired and cube 2 cups


In a mixing bowl, combine all the salad ingredients, tossing well to combine.

Note: This salad may served chilled or at room temperature.


Quick Meals - Menu Planner:

Quick Lunch Ideas:

** Make a turkey wrap sandwich - simply spoon salad into lettuce leaves or soft tortilla shells and top with slices of avocado and fresh sprouts. Serve with a side of fresh orange slices.

** Serve salad as a sandwich spread on natural whole grain bread along side melon balls or melon slices and baked potato chips or flavored pita chips.

**For another easy meal simply serve this quick salad recipe with a bowl of vegetable soup and warm rolls.

Easy Dinner Meal Ideas:

** Serve salad scooped inside radicchio leaf cups along with garlic mashed potatoes.

** Make a quick pasta meal by serving salad over a bed of spinach linguine noodles with toasted sour dough bread slices or baked sweet potato fries served on the side.

Brunch Idea:

** A simple brunch idea is to serve salad spooned into prepared puff pastry shells along with our summer salad recipe, seasoned scrambled eggs and warm breadsticks or whole grain muffins.


These ingredient exchanges will add a little variety to this quick turkey salad recipe every time you make it.

Ingredient Exchanges:

Instead of Water Chestnuts:
*Try any of the following: Cucumber, Fennel or Carrots – 1 cup diced

Instead of Red Onion:
*Try any of the following: Radishes, Leeks or Scallions – 1/2 cup diced

Instead of Mayonnaise:
*Try any of the following:
Store Bought Natural Blue Cheese Dressing – 1/2 cup or
Sour Cream and Yogurt – 1/4 cup of each or
Greek Style Yogurt – 1/2 cup

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