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Sandwich wraps are a great way to make a quick meal anytime. With just a few ingredients you can make an easy meal when you are short on time or just want something simple and flavorful. They are the perfect grab-n-go quick meal.

It’s really simple to put a wrap together. Here is a basic recipe that you can use and adjust to your taste or to whatever you have on hand in your refrigerator or cupboards.

You will also find some easy and flavorful sandwich wrap combinations listed below to give you some ideas.


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1. First choose the kind of wrap that you want: Soft tortilla shells come in a wide variety of flavors today such as spinach, tomato, whole grain and more.

2. Pick A Spread: This will be the flavoring that goes underneath all your ingredients. Spread a layer of your chosen spread over the surface of the tortilla. Here is a variety to choose from but let your own imagination and taste guide you:

Hummus - regular, roasted garlic, roasted red pepper, dill or lemon (to name a few)

Sour cream - regular or low-fat

Greek style plain yogurt - regular or low-fat

Mayonnaise - regular or low-fat

Cooked and mashed sweet potatoes - (this gives a nice sweet flavor)

Cream cheese - regular or low-fat (available in various flavors). You can also get creative and, depending on what you are adding to the wrap, and add your own herbs, sweeteners or spices to plain cream cheese.

Some herb and spice suggestions to
add to cream cheese:

chive, dill, cilantro, rosemary, cumin, oregano

Some sweet and spicy suggestions:

honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, agave or maple syrup

Cooked and mashed beans: Try using black beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans or even cannellini beans. Season them first if you like and mash with a fork until you reach the desired consistency. If using canned beans, rinse and drain first then season and mash as desired.

Nut butter: This is a great flavoring agent and works well with both fruit and veggie wraps. Try using peanut butter, almond butter, sunflower butter or cashew butter. Local health food stores now carry a good variety of nut butters to choose from.

Pesto: Here is another great flavor addition for sandwich wraps. Choose whatever flavor you prefer. Some flavors that I like to use are basil pesto, artichoke pesto, roasted red pepper, olive pesto to name a few.

Mustard: choose your favorite style. This is also another great flavor booster for any wrap.

3. Choose A Filling: anything you like (use alone or in combination). Place as much of your filling(s) in a strip down the center of the sandwich wrap. Here are some suggested fillings: sliced deli meat, leftover cooked chicken, cheese (sliced or shredded), tofu (baked and seasoned), tempeh (sliced and sauteed), avocado, hard-cooked eggs, smoked salmon slices, canned or fresh cooked tuna.

4. Add Some Veggies or Fruit: This is a painless way to get veggies and fruit in your diet. Place your chosen vegetables or fruit on top of your sandwich wrap filling. Here are some simple and flavorful suggestions:

Vegetable Suggestions: shredded lettuce, peeled and thinly sliced jicama, thinly sliced cucumbers,marinated artichoke hearts, shredded cabbage, shredded carrots, fresh tomato slices or diced tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, sliced scallions,sliced roasted red peppers, sliced sweet bell peppers, very thinly sliced fennel,chopped or diced onion

Fruit Suggestions: diced or sliced apples or pears, peach slices, sliced strawberries or mango,
raisins or dried fruit of choice

5. Add A Little Flavor Topping: This just puts a little extra zip into the wrap. Place as much of the flavor topping as you like on top of your vegetable or fruit layer. Depending on the type of wrap you are making, here are some flavorful suggestions:

Crunchy/Salty/Spicy Flavor Toppings: chopped nuts, salsa, pickle relish, peanut sauce, oyster sauce, a sprinkling of soy sauce, a little chopped herb of choice like basil, dill or cilantro.

Sweet/Spicy/Crunchy Flavor Toppings: try a little spice like nutmeg or cinnamon or something crunchy and/or sweet like granola, chopped nuts or mini-chocolate chips.

You could also try one of the varieties of chutneys that are now available at most supermarkets.

Once you have placed all of your ingredients in layers on your wrap, simply roll it from one end to the other overlapping at the end to close.

Be careful not to overload the wrap or you will have trouble closing it around your ingredients. Because I like to really fill my wraps I use the bigger size and cut it in half after I roll it up. This will make two nice servings or one big serving.


This is a simple way to prepare wraps. It’s quick and easy and so flexible that you can create sandwiches and a quick meal in minutes and be on your way.

I have listed a variety of combinations for sandwich wraps below to get you started but once you get going your imagination will kick in and you’ll come up with your favorite combinations in no time. Have fun and enjoy!

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1 soft tortilla shell/wrap
cream cheese with chives
canned tuna in water (drained and flaked)
cucumber (thinly sliced)
fresh chopped cilantro


1 soft tortilla shell/wrap
cooked boneless chicken breast (thinly sliced)
shredded lettuce
mango chutney


1 soft tortilla shell/wrap
basil pesto
Italian style baked tofu (sliced)
chayote squash (thinly sliced)
roasted red peppers slices
a sprinkling of walnut pieces

. . . . . . . . . . . SMOKED SALMON WRAP

1 soft tortilla shell/wrap
cream cheese
thinly sliced smoked salmon
red onion slices
fresh chopped dill


1 soft tortilla shell/wrap
Greek style yogurt
roasted turkey slices
roasted red peppers (drained and sliced)
scallions (thinly sliced diagonally)


1 soft tortilla shell/wrap
mashed baked sweet potatoes
sun-dried tomatoes in oil (drained and sliced)
crumbled goat cheese
a couple of whole fresh basil leaves


1 soft tortilla shell/wrap
cooked and mashed black beans (seasoned with cumin)
avocado slices
black bean and corn salsa
lime zest and a squeeze of lime juice


1 soft tortilla shell/wrap
spicy mustard
deli ham slices (low-sodium)
Swiss cheese slices
pickle relish


1 soft tortilla shell/wrap
cream cheese
soaked and drained raisins
thinly sliced apples
crumbled walnuts
sprinkle of cinnamon


1 soft tortilla shell/wrap
almond butter
jicama (peeled and thinly sliced)
avocado slices
alfalfa sprouts

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