Jello Salad Recipe

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This four ingredient quick jello salad recipe is the perfect dessert salad. Sweet strawberries and strawberry gelatin with the creamy taste of cottage cheese and whipped topping make a great crowd pleaser dessert any time.

If you’re short on time and need a quick salad with just a few ingredients, that's easy and flavorful for the end of a meal or just a simple snack, this fruit salad is the perfect quick salad.

See the easy serving suggestions and ingredient exchanges below for ideas to create several salads from this one recipe.

Another sweet fruit salad recipe to try is our taffy apple salad.

6-8 servings


4 Ingredients Needed:

strawberry gelatin – (1) large package

fresh or frozen(thawed and drained) strawberries – 1 1/2 cups
(cut strawberries into bite size pieces)

cottage cheese – (1) large container

frozen whipped topping (thawed) – (1) large container

Make Ahead:
- If using frozen strawberries, thaw and drain
- Thaw the whipped topping


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1. In a bowl, combine the gelatin(dry) with the strawberries and the cottage cheese.

2. Fold in the thawed whipped topping.

3. Refrigerate jello salad until chilled, about an hour, before serving.


Serving Suggestions:

** Serve this quick jello salad on top of salad greens.

** This simple salad looks very appetizing when served in glass dessert bowls with sliced strawberries on top. You could also sprinkle on some mini chocolate chips or shaved chocolate over each serving.

** Another way to serve this easy salad recipe is in parfait glasses with chocolate graham crackers or butter cookies on the side.


These simple ingredient exchanges will give you even more options for this quick salad.

Ingredient Exchanges:

For a change of flavor: try your favorite gelatin flavor and/or a different fruit (fresh, frozen (thawed and drained) or canned (drained)) such as: peaches, fruit cocktail or mandarin oranges.

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