Hawaiian Chicken Salad

This is a light and easy Hawaiian chicken salad recipe with the taste of the tropics. The sweetness of pineapple, grapes and oranges combined with chicken, red onions and crunchy walnuts, create this delicious quick chicken salad in no time.

It’s a refreshing salad and a nice change of taste when you want something on the lighter side. Use the easy menu planner for some terrific quick meal ideas for this flavorful chicken salad.

3-4 servings


7 Ingredients Needed:

cooked chicken – 2 cups cubed

green grapes – 1 cup (each grape cut in half)

fresh or canned pineapple – 1 cup cut into medium size chunks
(use fresh pineapple if possible because fresh adds so much more flavor to this salad)

red onion – 1/2 cup diced

celery – 1 cup diced

fresh squeezed orange juice – the juice from one orange

walnuts – 1/2 cup chopped

Make Ahead:
- Cook chicken as desired and cube 2 cups


1. In a large mixing bowl, combine the chicken, fruit and the vegetables.

2. Squeeze the juice from the orange over all the salad ingredients and toss well to combine.

3. Use the walnut pieces as a garnish on top of each chicken salad.

Note: Allow salad to marinate in the refrigerator for at least half and hour before serving. Toss again before serving.


The following serving suggestions will add even more flavor to this Hawaiian chicken salad recipe.

Quick Meals - Menu Planner:

** Serve this quick chicken salad on top of washed mixed greens with fresh whole grain bread on the side.

** Another flavorful way to serve this Hawaiian chicken salad recipe is to either scoop salad into avocado halves or over avocado slices with whole grain crackers or crunchy bread sticks on the side.

** Make this easy chicken salad into a cold noodle salad by tossing with any cooked noodle (rice, egg or ramen noodles).

** A simple and quick meal idea is to serve this chicken salad recipe in lettuce cups with baked sweet potato chips or fries served on the side.

** For an easy party idea double this recipe and serve chicken salad scooped inside of a hollowed out pineapple.


Try these easy ingredient exchanges for a different flavored chicken salad every time.

* Instead of Red Onion: try Scallions or Red Radishes

* Instead of Celery: try Jicama or Carrots

* Instead of Walnuts: try Smoked Almonds or Pecans


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